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I'd absolutely love to periodically send you emails with new ideas to keep your video game club fresh. I promise I won't be sending out more than one every few months or so, so don't worry about me spamming you; I hate spam, too!

Examples of the types of emails you'll get every few months are: a list of activities you can introduce to your club to break up the same-thing-every-week feel to it, stories of other clubs and how they're expanding their club, advice on how to get local companies to help you with some equipment necessities, etc.


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This is a club where participation won’t drain you. Like NHS, I got to do all this stuff, I got to pay for all this stuff, and forensics I’ve got to memorize and do all this, but with video game club I can go and be like, me, weirdly, and have fun, and have fun with other people, and be a nerd, so it’s really cool.
— AJ - Cass Tech Video Game Club